Best Paper Awards

Centauri: Enabling Efficient Scheduling for Communication-Computation Overlap in Large Model Training via Communication Partitioning
Chang Chen, Xiuhong Li, and Qianchao Zhu (Peking University); Jiangfei Duan (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Peng Sun and Xingcheng Zhang (Shanghai AI Lab); Chao Yang (Peking University)
GIANTSAN: Efficient Memory Sanitization with Segment Folding
Hao Ling (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Heqing Huang (City University of Hong Kong); Chengpeng Wang, Yuandao Cai, and Charles Zhang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Automatic Generation of Vectorizing Compilers for Customizable Digital Signal Processors
Samuel Thomas and James Bornholt (University of Texas at Austin)
CSSTs: A Dynamic Data Structure for Partial Orders in Concurrent Execution Analysis
Hünkar Can Tunç (Aarhus University);Ameya Prashant Deshmukh (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay); Berk Cirisci (Amazon Web Services); Constantin Enea (Ecole Polytechnique); Andreas Pavlogiannis (Aarhus University)
PDIP: Priority Directed Instruction Prefetching
Bhargav Reddy Godala (Princeton University);Sankara Prasad Ramesh (University of California San Diego); Gilles A. Pokam, Jared Stark, and Andre Seznec (Intel); Dean Tullsen (University of California San Diego); David I. August (Princeton University)
ngAP: Non-blocking Large-scale Automata Processing on GPUs
Tianao Ge (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Guangzhou); Tong Zhang (Samsung); Hongyuan Liu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Guangzhou)