Distinguished Artifact Evaluation Awards

RECom: A Compiler Approach to Accelerating Recommendation Model Inference with Massive Embedding Columns
Zaifeng Pan (Renmin University of China);Zhen Zheng (Alibaba);Feng Zhang and Ruofan Wu (Renmin University of China);Hao Liang (Alibaba);Dalin Wang (Renmin University of China);Xiafei Qiu, Junjie Bai, and Wei Lin (Alibaba);Xiaoyong Du (Renmin University of China)
BypassD: Enabling fast userspace access to shared SSDs
Sujay Yadalam (University of Wisconsin-Madison);Chloe Alverti (National Technical University of Athens);Vasileios Karakostas (University of Athens);Jayneel Gandhi (Meta);Michael Swift (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
UBFuzz: Finding Bugs in Sanitizer Implementations
Shaohua Li and Zhendong Su (ETH Zurich)
Lightweight, Modular Verification for WebAssembly-to-Native Instruction Selection
Alexa VanHattum (Wellesley College); Monica Pardeshi (Carnegie Mellon University); Chris Fallin (Fastly); Adrian Sampson (Cornell University); Fraser Brown (Carnegie Mellon University)
Carat: Unlocking Value-Level Parallelism for Multiplier-Free GEMMs
Zhewen Pan and Joshua San Miguel (University of Wisconsin-Madison);Di Wu (University of Central Florida)
FOCAL: A First-Order Carbon Model to Assess Processor Sustainability
Lieven Eeckhout (Ghent University)
SpotServe: Serving Generative Large Language Models on Preemptible Instances
Xupeng Miao (Carnegie Mellon University); Chunan Shi (Peking University); Jiangfei Duan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Xiaoli Xi (Carnegie Mellon University); Dahua Lin (Chinese University of Hong Kong and Sensetime Research); Bin Cui (Peking University);Zhihao Jia (Carnegie Mellon University)
Design of Novel Analog Compute Paradigms with Ark
Yu-Neng Wang (Stanford University); Glenn Cowan (Concordia University); Ulrich Rührmair (TU Berlin and University of Connecticut); Sara Achour (Stanford University)
EVT: Accelerating Deep Learning Training with Epilogue Visitor Tree
Zhaodong Chen (University of California Santa Barbara);Andrew Kerr, Richard Cai, Jack Kosaian, and Haicheng Wu (NVIDIA); Yufei Ding (University of California San Diego); Yuan Xie (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
OnePerc: A Randomness-aware Compiler for Photonic Quantum Computing
Hezi Zhang and Jixuan Ruan (University of California San Diego); Hassan Shapourian and Ramana Rao Kompella (Cisco Systems); Yufei Ding (University of California San Diego)