Remote Presentation Instructions

One author is expected to physically attend the conference and present the work.

If no author can physically attend the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, notify the program chairs immediately. Please ask a colleague or a person familiar with your work to present your talk in person.

Authors of accepted papers who are unable to attend the conference physically and are unable to find an alternate speaker are required to prepare a presentation video of their papers lasting ≤12 minutes. We will play the recorded video at the conference. Following the video presentation, the authors will be able to join the Zoom meeting to answer attendees’ questions.


Your remote talk submission deadline is April 24, 2024.

Video Properties

Format → mp4

Length ≤ 12 minutes

Size ≤ 800 MB

Resolution → 720p (1280×720 pixels)

Orientation → horizontal (width > height)

Aspect ratio → 16:9

Recording Guidelines

  • Record using Zoom (see instruction here), PowerPoint (see instructions here and here), or any other software of your choosing capable of generating mp4 files.
  • Your video should show the speaker that delivers the presentation in a small window, in a manner that does not hide important presentation elements.
  • Record in a quiet room to minimize surrounding noise.
  • Ensure that your computer’s fans are spinning at minimum speed, especially when using the built-in microphone for recording.
  • Keep a constant distance from the microphone to avoid audio level fluctuation.
  • When possible, try to minimize the size of your files.

File Naming

The name of your video file should consist of lowercase characters only, and it is required to adhere to the following format:


Where ‘paper_session_ID’ is the session ID of your paper, which you can find on the ASPLOS’24 website under the main program section. Such a name may, e.g., look like: 1A_knowles_beyonce_remote.mp4


Upload your talk video here (you don’t need to create a box account for this purpose).


If you have questions, please contact Mahbod Afarin <>.