Instructions for remote attendees

These steps apply to you if you registered for ASPLOS 2023 as a “remote” attendee.  Please access the live stream of the program and asynchronous Q&A for individual papers via Whova at  For the best remote experience we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.

For each paper session in the conference on Whova you will see two “Sessions” in Whova – one labeled Zoom and the other labeled Main Conference. We have separated live-stream and Q&A functionalities into two separate sessions due to limitations of the current Whova user interface.

For example, for Session 1A you will see: 

The sessions tagged with Zoom will open a live stream you can view from within the browser. The session tagged with Main Conference enables you to post questions for a specific paper and download the paper PDF. To use them, we recommend the following two-window setup for your browser: Open one browser window or tab to Zoom for the entire session. This enables only livestream but no Q/A. Second, simultaneously in a second browser window open the Main Conference session. This window will enable you to engage in paper-specific Q/A. The Q/A for remote attendees is asynchronous meaning if you post a question the authors will only respond to it after they are done taking questions from the in-person audience and have returned to their seats. The session chairs may monitor the Async Q&A and take questions from there in the event no in-person attendees are asking questions and there is time remaining for Q&A.

Below are views showing how the individual sessions should look.  

Here is what you should see when you click on the session labeled Zoom. Once the conference has started you will be able to access the live stream inside portion shown as a black rectangle in the image below.

When you open up the Main Conference session in a separate window or tab you will see:

Do not post questions on the right side when you are in the above view. Instead, note that each Main Conference includes a separate “subsession” for each paper. To leave a question for authors, it is important that you first click through to the “subsession” for their paper by clicking on the “View Session” link for the paper as shown in the illustration below.

This will bring you to the following view specific to the paper you selected where you should post your questions:

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